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Concepts of higher dimensions – Part 3 : Higher dimensional objects

Welcome back! This article shall give you your first glimpse at a 4-dimensional object.

Wait! Is that even possible? How does one look at a 4-D object in this world? Didn’t the previous article explain how one cannot see the higher-dimensions in a lower-dimensional world?

Correct, you won’t really see the 4th dimension; but I can still show what it would look like in this world. Just like you can see a 2-D photograph of a 3-D object you can see a 3-D visualization of a 4-D object.

First things first, let me explain how we arrived at the conclusion of how a 4-D object would look like. Obviously no one has ever seen a 4-D object, so this is pretty much theoretical (but interesting!).

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Concepts of higher dimensions – Part 2 : Higher dimensional objects in a world

Continuing where we left off in my last post, I shall try and explain why it is so difficult to imagine or understand a dimension beyond the basic 3 spatial dimensions.

It’s simple actually, if you first try and understand the impact of a 2-dimensional object in a 1-dimensional world, and a 3-dimensional object in a 2-dimensional world. It will be pretty obvious, what it would be like to have a 4-dimensional object in our world.

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Concepts of higher dimensions – Part 1 : Introduction to Dimensions

I have been fascinated by the concepts of ‘higher dimensions’, ‘time travel’ and ‘teleportation’ ever since I remember. Call me a ‘geek’ to your heart’s content, but in my opinion, if these concepts don’t excite you, you haven’t really understood them at all!

A lot of people have difficulty understanding these, and term them ‘sci-fi’ or ‘fantasy’ (my wife does too!). Truth is, it’s far from being a fiction/fantasy.

I shall try my best to explain these concepts in a very easy way. (So easy, even a caveman can understand it!)

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