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2.8 days later – Chapter 5

Kim and I walked.  Nowhere in particular. We didn’t have a plan and I decided we should have one. So I gave it a thought or two.

What would other survivors like us do? Would they try to barricade and try holding out? Unlikely. After all, how many days could you hide before you ran out of supplies. And we still didn’t know how many days (or heaven forbid months) these walking dead could survive starvation. The survivors  would likely head to a place where supplies would last them a long time.

 A lone survivor would already have a great deal of courage, resilience and awesome luck to go with a stock of supplies and possibly a  weapon. Multiply all of that a hundred times and it gives you a fight-back and surviving chance like no other. A place that could sustain more than a handful or survivors would be the ideal location.

The more I gave it a thought, the more one survival tip came to mind.

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