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2.8 days later – Chapter 6

It had been over a day now since I had last seen one of them. Where were they?  Obviously, they no longer possessed the brainsss to hide, plan or play a waiting game. So they had either left for fleshier pastures or were all dead (again?).  I was paranoid about being lucky and I wanted to be sure about their whereabouts.

So here I was standing on the roof of an arcade gaming plaza. We had lined up the outside of the store with gas cans scavenged from a nearby gas station. We had packed the inside of the store with some propane tanks, gas cans and plenty of boxes of nails and makeshift shrapnel from the hardware store. We stocked the basement of the store with all the propane tanks we could scavenge from around the block. We had dragged a diesel generator onto the roof and had plugged it into the gaming consoles downstairs. We had lined the outside of the store with speakers and strobe lights.

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