Evolution shooter v1.0

Evolution Shooter v1.0

Click to download

Features :

  • Top down casual shooter game
  • Enemies evolve their characteristics every level to survive longer
  • Enemies adapt to your personal playing style to give you a better challenge
  • Upgrade one of your own shooter attribute every level

Tutorial :

Gameplay: You control the ‘shooter’ using either your mouse or arrow keys (the shooter auto-fires). You try to shoot at the enemies in an attempt to kill them.

Shooter: The shooter is the blue box on the lower part of your screen. It shoots a bullet every so often (based on it’s attributes). Your shooter starts off with low levels of it’s 4 attributes:
1. Speed (how often bullets are fired)
2. Agility (how fast your shooter moves)
3. Damage (how much damage each bullet causes to the enemy)
4. Range (how far your bullets travel before vanishing) These attributes can be improved upon at the end of every level (1 improvement every level)

Enemies: Your enemies are circles moving around over a camouflaged backgound. You shoot bullets at them till their health falls to zero. The level ends when only 3 enemies remain on the screen. The enemy has the following attributes:
1. Health (how much damage it can take before dying)
2. Size (how large they appear on screen)
3. Speed (how fast they move)
4. Agility (how often they randomly change directions) The enemy evolves it’s attributes every level to try and survive longer. The new enemies each level as mutations of the 3 surviving enemies in the previous level.

A Request :

Kindly email me the ‘EvolutionStats.txt’ file everytime you progress more than 20 levels in the game. That will help me fine-tune the game mechanism. (Note :Everytime you play the game, the file gets over-written)


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