2.8 days later – Chapter 2

What’s the first thing you do if you think there is a burglar in the house? Unless you are the Rambo type, you usually grab onto a kitchen knife or a golf club. What do you do when you are swamped by flies that are after your sandwich? You grab that newspaper or magazine, roll it nice and tight and slay those pesky things with your improvised club. What do you do when you see a dog foaming at the mouth, running towards you? You bend down and grab a big stone (At least in India you do. Here in the USA you don’t find stones around, so you usually stand and pray the dog’s owner can reach you before the dog does) Thus the first tip for survival seemed pretty intuitive.

Survival tip #1: Get hold of anything you could use as a weapon.

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2.8 days later – Chapter 1

I had my eye glued to a crack in the window for so long now that my nose had started to bruise with the constant rubbing against the window frame. The chaos in the streets below had long subsided, but I wanted to be sure. Very very sure. I didn’t want to go through what that guy had been through a couple of hours ago. Nobody in the world should have to go through that. Except maybe a couple of guys I know.

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The hunt for a good multiplayer PC game

Hi again, and sorry for such a big gap in my blog. Been busy with a few things and when I do get time, blogging comes around 11th on the list of things I want to do :)

Anyways, so my friends and I do some gaming almost every weekend night. Just the 4 (sometimes 5) of us spending some guy time playing multiplayer PC games over LAN. For the last couple of weeks, my friends & I were trying to figure out what game to play next.

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Making dad proud

Created a new drawing for a ‘Dragon contest’ on deviantart.com.

I had hoped to put in some quality time on this, but in the end it boiled down to 8-10 hours in a single day (very last day!). So it does appear kind of ‘unfinished’ and rough around the edges.

You can go here to have a look.

Concepts of higher dimensions – Part 3 : Higher dimensional objects

Welcome back! This article shall give you your first glimpse at a 4-dimensional object.

Wait! Is that even possible? How does one look at a 4-D object in this world? Didn’t the previous article explain how one cannot see the higher-dimensions in a lower-dimensional world?

Correct, you won’t really see the 4th dimension; but I can still show what it would look like in this world. Just like you can see a 2-D photograph of a 3-D object you can see a 3-D visualization of a 4-D object.

First things first, let me explain how we arrived at the conclusion of how a 4-D object would look like. Obviously no one has ever seen a 4-D object, so this is pretty much theoretical (but interesting!).

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