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2.8 days later – Chapter 4

I had decided on abandoning the search for a bigger & badder weapon. The cricket bat in my hand should suffice for most cases and for the extreme ones I would have to rely on my limbs. Definitely not the upper ones (unless it was a zombie mosquito). But I do run fast, faster than the zombies at least.

With renewed determination (or was it hunger), I walked briskly in search of a grocery store. Ten minutes of walking got me my first smile of the day. Far away at a distance, I recognized the familiar stone building with the big bold WALMART brandishing the blue billboard. In my joy, I almost jogged my way there, before slowing down in the parking lot. Walmart had food and had plenty of it. By now, the store had either turned into a feasting ground for those zombies or a safe haven for survivors. It could very well play out both ways, the only surety was that it would not turn out empty.
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2.8 days later – Chapter 3

I was really hungry. My growling  stomach made sure I didn’t forget that. I should head towards the nearest grocery store and entertain a very slim chance of finding some food that wasn’t spoiled yet. While at that, I should start praying I do not encounter any more infected between now and the time I finish eating. Fat chance at that though.

The fracturing bat in my hand reminded me that I was without a good weapon. Maybe getting hold of one should be a higher priority. I didn’t want to be craving brains by the time I got to the grocery store now, did I? I could always go on a food raid after arming myself with a good weapon. This brought me to the next tip for survival.
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2.8 days later – Chapter 2

What’s the first thing you do if you think there is a burglar in the house? Unless you are the Rambo type, you usually grab onto a kitchen knife or a golf club. What do you do when you are swamped by flies that are after your sandwich? You grab that newspaper or magazine, roll it nice and tight and slay those pesky things with your improvised club. What do you do when you see a dog foaming at the mouth, running towards you? You bend down and grab a big stone (At least in India you do. Here in the USA you don’t find stones around, so you usually stand and pray the dog’s owner can reach you before the dog does) Thus the first tip for survival seemed pretty intuitive.

Survival tip #1: Get hold of anything you could use as a weapon.

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