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CraZ Outbreak – on the Android Play store

First things first, click the button below to download the game from the Play store.

Android app on Google Play

Now that the game is being downloaded on your phone, continue reading through.


Action, shooter, zombie, survival, defense – all bundled up together in one zombastic package!

CraZ Outbreak is where you make your way through the city, surviving each night behind barricades. You fight through varied environments, against unique zombies using your ever improving skills to help you survive the levels.




Your city was overwhelmed by a zombie outbreak. The only survivors were the ones who fled from the city very early on. The virus was very aggressive. It spread really fast, and evolved equally fast. Human beings turned into mindless, aggressive monsters. The city was walled off, with plans to nuke the virus out.

Something makes you return. A lone human among the undead, you search for something. You fight your way through the ruins. You barricade yourself at nights, fend off the hordes with your only weapon – your trusty pistol. You learn new skills, polish old ones and gain expertise in some. The zombies you encounter get faster, stronger and bigger each night. You know you can’t afford to rest. You can not afford to lose. You can not afford to die.


+ NO ads
+ NO in-app purchases
+ Absolutely FREE
+ Great cartoony graphics
+ Fast action gameplay
+ 8 unique skills to level up
+ 28 levels to fight through
+ Achievements (both offline & google play)
+ Good catchy music and sounds (ability to mute the game)
+ Runs smooth even on older devices and older versions of Android










You still haven’t started the download, have you? Here you go. Go ahead, click on it.

Android app on Google Play

And when you do play it, please don’t forget to leave a rating and feedback on the Play store. It will provide immense help toward popularizing my game. Thank you!



2.8 days later – Chapter 3

I was really hungry. My growling  stomach made sure I didn’t forget that. I should head towards the nearest grocery store and entertain a very slim chance of finding some food that wasn’t spoiled yet. While at that, I should start praying I do not encounter any more infected between now and the time I finish eating. Fat chance at that though.

The fracturing bat in my hand reminded me that I was without a good weapon. Maybe getting hold of one should be a higher priority. I didn’t want to be craving brains by the time I got to the grocery store now, did I? I could always go on a food raid after arming myself with a good weapon. This brought me to the next tip for survival.
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2.8 days later – Chapter 2

What’s the first thing you do if you think there is a burglar in the house? Unless you are the Rambo type, you usually grab onto a kitchen knife or a golf club. What do you do when you are swamped by flies that are after your sandwich? You grab that newspaper or magazine, roll it nice and tight and slay those pesky things with your improvised club. What do you do when you see a dog foaming at the mouth, running towards you? You bend down and grab a big stone (At least in India you do. Here in the USA you don’t find stones around, so you usually stand and pray the dog’s owner can reach you before the dog does) Thus the first tip for survival seemed pretty intuitive.

Survival tip #1: Get hold of anything you could use as a weapon.

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2.8 days later – Chapter 1

I had my eye glued to a crack in the window for so long now that my nose had started to bruise with the constant rubbing against the window frame. The chaos in the streets below had long subsided, but I wanted to be sure. Very very sure. I didn’t want to go through what that guy had been through a couple of hours ago. Nobody in the world should have to go through that. Except maybe a couple of guys I know.

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